I am providing the link, below, to this E-petition to the Tasmanian parliament against the establishment of a wood fired power station in Tasmania for your consideration and hopefully signature.
If you’re as old as me you can ‘hopefully’ remember the proposed fuel for this was going to be the source, along with mill waste, for the woodchip industry. That was a huge con and this probably is too, in that it will become the destination of all the unsaleable woodchips so that they, Forestry Tasmania, can continue to destroy our native forest for little or no return to the Tasmanian State coffers. Plus the huge air pollution in the fog prone Tamar valley, probably the Huon Valley and Derwent (Bridgewater Jerry) if they build a power station at New Norfolk.
Rod Broadby

E-petition for “Don’t Burn Our Forests For ‘Green’? Power”

Closing Date: 23/08/2010

As you may know, a key plank of the proposed Gunns Pulp Mill will be their ability to burn native forest and sell this as Green Power. Federal legislation has cleared the way for this, though our state government can choose otherwise.

Tell everyone you can about this petition.
Rod Broadby, Kaoota