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Brooker: How the plane came down?

A Hong Kong-based company has produced their version of Hobart’s dramatic plane crash on a busy highway. Watch HERE

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Second Opinion

    April 12, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    The video is crap. I was not going to express an opinion till I’d checked the site.
    The “Mercury” certainly determined the trajectory of public comment by claiming hero status for the chap.
    I think he did a pretty good job. From first evidence of ground contact-the tree that took off the wing; there is no further contact for 50 metres, which is where the plane stopped.
    Given the numerous obstacles that could have gotten in the way, and the fact that the plane must have been in a controlled stall in order to land so cleanly, I’m impressed.

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