A must for cycling fans. The 108th Paris – Roubaix. Sunday 10pm SBS.

The world’s greatest 1 day cycling race and considered one of the 5 Monuments of cycling.

A 259km haul from Compiegne, 60km nth of Paris to an old velodrome in Roubaix, taking riders arund 6 1/2 hrs. Also known as the “hell of the north” and “the queen of the classics” this race is infamous for its rough terrain and cobblestones (25-30 cobblestone sectors).

If you love cycling and have never seen this event, stay up on sunday night and enjoy one of the greatest sporting events in the world

A bottle of red, some cheese, prosciutto and french bread? See you there.

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Rick Pilkington
Stuart O’Grady, the year he won