Toxic Heavy Metals Taskforce Tasmania

Media Release

Friday 5 March 2010

Toxic Heavy Metals Taskforce puzzled by MMG conclusions

The Toxic Heavy Metals Taskforce Tasmania finds that there is little they can comment on regarding the initial findings of the MMG Environmental Investigations in Rosebery to date as they did not release any data publicly.

Spokespersons for the Taskforce Kay Seltitzas and Marsha Stejskal said:

“We believe that the results of MMG’s investigation will ultimately be tainted, as they are not independently conducting the testing in Rosebery.”

Mine Manager John Lamb was unable to reassure the residents that the town was safe when asked this specific question during the meeting in Rosebery on March 4 2010. He said that he could not, as requested, make public the safety of the town at this time.

The Taskforce notes that the area in Rosebery where all the affected residents live has the greatest levels of Lead, Arsenic and Cadmium present.

Miss Stejskal said: “This is not surprising to us as we have been affected by Arsenic, Lead, Manganese and also Cadmium. The testing carried out by ourselves, the EPA DHHS and the Mine’s own results clearly demonstrated these high levels in 2008. It Would be interesting to see the cadmium levels as in 2008 initially study, cadmium was elevated as well ”

Kay Seltitzas said: “We urge MMG to provide a pamphlet to the residents with information about all of the metals in HIL’s excedences in Rosebery and would ask the mine to test for aluminium and iron that was found in high levels on the poisoned residents properties in 2008”.

Marsha Stejskal also believes the mines should not only test for Aluminium but also Vanadium, Iron, Strontium, Cobalt and Tungsten.

“I think it is really important for MMG to test for as many heavy and light toxic metals as possible.”

Marsha Stejskal is appalled with MMG mine manager John Lamb’s statement “… It appears the heavy metals in the soil are not readily absorbed by the body”

“I would like to ask John Lamb, when did he become an expert on heavy metals? Heavy metals are absorbed through various different ways, for example through breathing, through the eyes, or skin. Children are at an even greater risk as they often put their hands in their mouths and digest…dust would play large roll in heavy metal contamination.”

Marsha Stejskal said “Contamination has nothing to do with old houses as MMG mine manager John Lamb stated….It would be very difficult to arrive to this conclusion based on the results of soil testing only

For further comment please contact Kay Seltitzas on 0400546677 or (03) 62655776

Marsha Stejskal on 0448364690

Kay Seltitzas, Toxic Heavy Metals Taskforce Tasmania