Does the NASA satellite cancel out smoke and look only for clouds?

We need experts to interpret this material. It is suggested that this evidence may not be impartial.

Links for the NASA web site.  Click on the thumbnails for larger images. 

There are two images for each day. The ‘terra’ image is usually about 10 or 11 in the morning, the ‘aqua’ image is usually about 2 or 3 pm.

If you have Google earth I’d suggest you download the kmz files for both Tasmania and South-east Australia for each day (morning and afternoon), and this puts the images together for you. (The ‘kmz’ files are available after you click the thumbnail.)

After you open a thumbnail image you have a drop-down menu called ‘vector options’. You can choose to view the fires (detected as hot spots) the NASA analysis has identified.

Tasmania on 16th March

Tasmania on 17th March

SE Australia 16th March

SE Australia 17th March

You may wish to look at previous days, which you can using the ‘prev’ and ‘next’ buttons on those pages. Help please, this for someone who cannot type or use a computer is beyond me.

The Tasmanian sites have, in my opinion, been doctored, destroyed or no longer exist!

A possible route for the spin doctors could be Scott McLean CFMEU candidate, to Bartlett or Forestry Tasmania, to Tas Times and the Examiner, who knows, but the Tas Times team will find out.

If this is the case with over 100,000 potential voters smoked out on 17th March in Launceston, I ask who gave the orders?

Forestry burns Tasmania … and Labor