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Public Forum on Forest and Water Governance

What: Public Forum on Forest and Water Governance

When: 12:30 Thursday, 11 Mar 2010

Where: Launceston, Grand Chancellor Hotel – Function Room 6, 29 Cameron St

Who: Dr Roscoe Taylor, Peter Cundall, Dr Andrew Lohrey, Dr Wynne Russell, Dr Phill Pullinger.

Conflicts of interest and poor governance continue to dog Tasmania’s environment.

There is a widespread perception that there is one law for forestry and another for everyone else. Now the water toxin revelations in St Helens have created a crisis of public confidence in our drinking water.

How will each party restore public trust and improve governance?

Labor, the Liberals and Greens have been asked how they would:

• remove conflicts of interest in ministerial portfolios;

• remove conflicts of interest in government bodies;

• fix the regulation of forestry so that there is a level playing field; and

• properly investigate and fix the contamination of our drinking water catchments with toxins.
Our Common Ground

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brenda Rosser

    March 9, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    Whilst I believe that all of these issues are of vital importance, I will give this forum a miss.

    I don’t support the activities of secretive groups who claim to have found ‘common ground’ with Tasmanians and then fail to define what this ‘ground’ is.

    Transparency and equality in decision making, no hierarchies nor cliques. That is the essence of good governance. OCG can hardly complain about the lack thereof with the group tactics taken to-date.

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