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Political parties must commit to banning recreational killing of ducks and other wildlife

Media Conference

11am, Friday 5 March 2010

Parliament House

With the annual open season on duck shooting about to commence on 6 March, Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania (AACT), the Tasmanian Conservation Trust (TCT) and Wildlife Tasmania are calling on all political parties to commit to ending all government-licensed recreational killing of native wildlife.

“Every year we are faced with the cruel and senseless slaughter of native waterbirds in Tasmania at the hands of a minority group wielding shotguns,” announced Chris Simcox, spokesperson for AACT. “This brutal and cowardly attack on native ducks is government-sanctioned and subsidised with taxpayer dollars. Other states have recognised the cruelty inherent in duck shooting and Tasmania should follow them by banning it. Quite rightly the majority of Tasmanians are in favour of an immediate end to this barbarity.”

TCT Director Peter McGlone supported this position and added that: “While our protest this weekend will focus on saving ducks, we want to draw attention to the up-coming recreational slaughter of short-tailed shearwater (starting 3 April) and brown quail (starting 1 May) and the year-round wallaby season.”

“In the lead up to the 2010 state election we have a historic opportunity to take Tasmania in a new direction in its treatment of native animals and all the three political parties should commit to stop recreational killing,” Mr McGlone added.

The duck shooting season starts on Saturday 6 March 2010. Rescuers are heading to Moulting Lagoon to save the lives of native ducks which are in the firing line. Throughout the season rescuers will be watching the wetlands to ensure the safety of native waterbirds.

For the 2010 state election, AACT, TCT and Wildlife Tasmania want all political parties to commit to ending all recreational hunting open seasons for the following native species:

– wild duck (black duck, grey teal, chestnut teal, mountain duck, wood duck)

– short-tailed shearwater

– Bennett’s and rufus wallabies

– brown quail

Our groups believe that recreational killing of native wildlife species must be banned because it causes unjustifiable animal cruelty and because killing in the name of recreation or sport is abhorrent and promotes a culture of killing and disrespect for wildlife and animals generally.

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