Tasmanian Times founder and editor Lindsay Tuffin today announced that he was delighted to reveal the details of a major sponsorship deal for Tasmanian Times by Tasmania’s leading resource extraction company Gunns Ltd.

“A lot of people have often said I’m in the gutter, and over the years it has been my good fortune to meet many, many, many others down there too.

“I was, however, surprised to make the acquaintance there recently of Gunns Ltd Chairman John Gay.

“However, John and I do believe that enormous synergies are going to be released in this sponsorship deal. After all, as he said to me:

‘We’re never going to get to make any paper and you don’t need any.’

Mr Tuffin said there was no truth to the rumour the deal was being solely paid in Tamar Ridge red.

“I drink anything,” he said.

“This deal, I believe, places Tasmanian Times firmly in the most enduring traditions of Tasmanian journalism.”