The Tasmanian Greens today released their Forest Transition Strategy 2010 (FTS) which will create more jobs and wealth in the Tasmanian timber industry, while protecting world-renowned high conservation value forests.

Greens Leader Nick McKim MP said that the Greens’ FTS will heal community wounds caused by decades of division on forest policy, and will result in a timber industry that every Tasmanian can be proud of.

Mr McKim also said that the Greens’ FTS will create 542 more jobs in the timber industry within five years by using timber more efficiently, retooling sawmills to achieve higher recovery rates, and managing the plantation estate to deliver more high grade sawlogs.

“The Greens have a sensible plan to create more timber jobs, save our magnificent high conservation value forests, and deliver a timber industry that each and every Tasmanian can be proud of.”

“This not only can be done, it must be done for our forests, our timber workers, and for Tasmania’s future.”

“For too long Tasmania’s magnificent high conservation value forests have been desecrated for woodchips, for too long the plight of forest workers has been ignored, and for too long our people have been divided by this debate. The Greens stand ready to deliver a solution.”

“Labor and Liberal have buried their heads in the sand for far too long, and it is the forest workers who are bearing the brunt. The industry must be restructured so that it can provide sustainable jobs, meet the expectations of international markets, and operate in a way that respects Tasmania’s high conservation value forests.”

“The Greens’ Forest Transition Strategy delivers a sustainable future for our forests, Tasmania’s timber industry, and the workers and families that rely on it for support.”

“Assistance will be provided to any timber industry workers who are already doing in tough through no fault of their own, including vocational training, wage subsidies, relocation costs, and income support.”

Download: Tasmania’s Forests: The Way Forward – A Forest Transition Strategy to Protect Forests and Create Sustainable Jobs, launched by Nick McKim MP, March 2010:

Nick McKim MP Greens Leader Kim Booth MP Greens Forests spokesperson