Buyouts Not Bailouts
The Tasmanian Greens today launched their cost-neutral Buyouts Not Bailouts: Delivering a Fair Exit Package for Tasmanian Forest Contractors policy initiative, which will provide for a dignified exit from the industry for the 30 percent of contractors who have been identified as facing financial ruin.

Greens Leader Nick McKim, who launched today’s initiative with Forestry spokesperson Kim Booth MP, said the Greens will deliver a fair and equitable exit package to assist Tasmanian forest contractors who are facing financial ruin due to the harsh and oppressive contracts imposed upon them by Forestry Tasmania and Gunns, the deliberate over-capacity in the industry, and the inevitable downturn in the industry due to a global glut of un-differentiated forest products.

“We need an industry that not only respects the people working in it, but is truly socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. This is the first step in the Greens’ plan to deliver this,” said Mr McKim.

“Some contractors are facing financial ruin through no fault of their own, and only the Greens have a plan to help them.”

“We will engage the Auditor-General to determine a fair level of compensation for those contractors seeking to leave the industry, which will remove the politics from the issue and ensure an open and transparent process.”

Mr McKim also said that the short-term, politically expedient bailout packages being offered by Labor and Liberal fail to provide any solutions to the real issues facing the industry, and serve only to extend the uncertainty and financial pain facing contractors.

“Short-term, politically expedient bailout packages will not solve the fundamental problems within the industry. A long-term solution is required and that is exactly what this initiative will deliver.”

Attached: Buyouts Not Bailouts: Delivering a Fair Exit Package for Tasmanian Forest Contractors, launched by Greens Leader Nick McKim and Greens Forestry spokesperson Kim Booth, March 2010.
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Nick McKim Greens Leader