Forestry Tasmania to spend public money trying to convince the Supreme Court to overturn Ombudsman’s FOI ruling that FT release costings of how much public money it spends on PR TV program. No wonder FT returns such a great dividend to the Government – NOT.

Even cheap television costs $100,000 an hour. Three series means that Forestry Tasmania may have spent $2 to $3 million of our money on what is in the context of Tasmania, soft political propaganda.

The ABC Online report:

Forestry takes FOI dispute to court

ABC 1 April 2010

A freedom of information dispute between Forestry Tasmania and the Tasmanian Ombudsman has been taken to the Supreme Court.

In mid-March, State Ombudsman Simon Allston made a ruling regarding the disclosure of costs associated with Forestry Tasmania’s television program, Going Bush.

The general manager of Forestry Tasmania, Hans Drielsma, says the disclosure of such information could harm their commercial competitiveness and is calling on the Supreme Court to review the Ombudsman’s ruling.

“The matter related to the issue of whether the release of information would or would not lead to competitive disadvantage for Forestry Tasmania…because of the significance of that particular issue we are seeking a review,” he said.

Mr Allston says he is will not comment on the matter until the details of the ruling are made public.

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Earlier on Tasmanian Times:

Thank you Ken. How much is it costing us?

Whatever happened to Forestry Tasmania’s Battered Briefcase?