What we are all losing sight of here is the type of 1080 baits now being used in Tasmania for fox (?) control.

When the 1080 bait trials for foxes were first conducted in 2001 the bait was hard dried Kangaroo meat brought in from W.A.

Only that bait type was accepted by The Greens and the TCT and other conservation groups based on the belief that devils and quolls would not be able to chew the hard dried meat

and the baits would be buried 15 – 20 cm in the ground and be placed at least 500 metres apart so as too be very hard to locate. I have all the info. and photos etc. in my files.

We were given all the nonsense about devils would have to consume at least fifteen baits to get a lethal dose, this was splattered through the newspapers and it is available from the Hansard.

We were conned – big time.

When Paul Lennon announced in 2005 that no more 1080 would be used in state forest or on public lands by the end of 2005 he didn’t tell us about the exemption for the Fox Free Task Force.

We were conned again – big time.

I have tried to get an explanation as to who and when and why was the soft composite biscuit type bait Foxoff sanctioned for use in Tasmania.

Here is the crux of the whole problem, Foxoff is highly palatable to possums, bettongs (especially the truffle digging/eating Bettong) Rufus wallabies, Red necked wallabies (called Bennetts wallaby in Tasmania).

Yet in field and cage trials at Werribee in Victoria, Foxoff was the least preferred bait of all baits tested for foxes!!

Clive Marks et al did these tests for the Vic. government and the CSIRO. (see CSIRO FIELD REPORT NUMBER 28).

Why then is Foxoff considered the best option for fox baiting in Tasmania?

Every bit of state forest up around Calder, Oldina, Takone, Hampshire, Guilford, Wynyard etc.etc. has been “fox” baited, some two and three times…I have a camera full of images of Fox bait signs plastered all over state forests and Public lands.

I think it is time some very serious questions were asked and some honest answers were forthcoming.

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