I would suggest a different composition for this panel. How about getting together all of the victims of pesticide overdrift and they organise to ask the bureaucrats and governments key questions.

Questions like:

* Where are the details of the risk assessments for the vastly stepped up use of aerial and ground spraying that accompanied the introduction of giant tree monocultures.

* To the APVMA chief scientist: Could we have the modelling and the associated results of the drift that occurs when Forestry Tasmania spray pesticides 10 metres from our local river, 40 feet above the ground and on top of a hill?

* Given the now widespread use of aerial spraying, why isn’t government prepared to regularly arrange for the independent testing of rainwater tanks?

* Why have successive Australian governments ignored the recommendations of Senate inquiries since the 1980s in relation to the pesticide industry here?

Then, I think, well forget it. Local residents have already got together and asked these questions and the bureaucrats and politicians have refused to answer them.

So why this new farce? Of course, it’s election time.

Should we be consuming the products of industry so made?

“Consumption may be regarded as negative production.” Alfred Marshall

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