ONCE AGAIN WE see the foresight of our Logging industry in action. They go into forests of massive eucalypts and myrtle trees and clearfell them so that they can do what? Grow new ones of course. As you can see a large proportion of these “Habitat” trees were smashed up with heavy machinery and are ready to be burnt.


The waste is enormous. Surely if this industry is sustainable they should have enough clearfelled land by now to see us through.

But of course it is not sustainable. At the moment FT are logging our Eucalypt Production areas at an incredibly short rotation of 48 years.

Yep they have 591,500 ha of eucalypt production forest and they logged 12,400 ha last year and a similar amount every year before that.

So all we have to look forward to is tiny little sawlogs coming online. Not much hope of ever replacing the tree that my friend is standing on.


Don’t worry about fine timber users. Much of this coupe was Tiger grain Myrtle. (Waste)

This coupe had heaps of lovely old myrtle trees, massive eucalypt trees with plenty of nesting hollows.(don’t worry about the AFS requirement to preserve nesting trees) and many other diverse understory species. We will most likely get a lovely hot burn then it will be seeded so thickly with eucalypt trees that no rainforest will be seen here again.

Well like the old adage goes, “if you go down to the woods today you better be in for a surprise”.

Sorry must have read that old nursery rhyme a bit wrong.

See the download for more pictures of this lovely tourist area: