Tasmania has just recorded the worst cancer incidence and the worst cancer death rate in the Australian Commonwealth. [Sunday Tasmanian newspaper, 7 February 2010]

In the New Forest Industry Plan promotion adverts run in all Tasmania daily newspapers state:

“The industry will work to improve the water quality of those rivers and streams which flow through forests; reduce chemical use wherever practicable and improve the health of communities by reducing the impacts of smoke”.

Tasmanians, through the sheer ignorance, arrogance & neglect combined with acts of omission and commission by the Minister for water and chemical regulation in Tasmania, David Llewellyn have been chronically poisoned with a range of potent biocides.

I urge all Tasmanian’s to read Warning! – Poisoned Water? brochure prepared by Pollution Information Tasmania:

Download HERE: Poisoned Water Brochure

Before the March state election this brochure will be distributed to Tasmanian households.

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