A FOX sighting in the Wesley Vale area was reported late last week by a member of the public.

Department of Primary Industries spokesman Warrick Brennan said the report was received between Thursday and Friday.

The Wesley Vale area is being targeted by a 1080 fox-baiting program as part of the response by the Fox Eradication Program.

“There has been evidence of foxes found in this area, including scats containing fox DNA,” Mr Brennan said.

“It is definitely an area we are interested in”.

Matt Marrison, acting manager of the Fox Eradication Branch, asked members of the public to be on the lookout for foxes and fox activity in this area, and report all information to the fox hotline.

“The public have an important role to play in being the eyes and ears of the fox eradication effort,” Mr Marrison said.

“We have evidence of both male and female foxes in this region and, with the fox baiting programs currently on the ground, we particularly ask that people keep an eye out for fox carcasses that may result.”

If a fox carcass was found, Mr Marrison asked that it was not disturbed and that the 24-hour fox hotline was called immediately.

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