Mr Rist this, yet again, suggests a worrying malaise in our governance processes in Tasmania and the absolute power, not of the Parliament but executive government.

Ministerial control and cover up on what should have been normal “due process” to establish integrity into this fox storyline occurred in so many instances throughout this almost decade-long saga.

Whether he now accepts it or not, Minister David Llewellyn has been the metaphorical political fox, perhaps comprehensively fooled in the early stages, but as time proceeded, duplicit (in both speech & conduct) in obtaining millions in Commonwealth funds based on demonstrated fabrication and fraudulent evidence.

Clear analysis, based on the factual material, was provided to David Llewellyn’s office and to all members of the PAC including Government members, Heather Butler (MHA Lyons) and Steve Kons (MHA Braddon).

Attempts to shut down the Upper House Parliamentary inquiry process, the muzzling the Tasmania Police, bullying the critics by a range of unsavoury means AND the lack of logic or the willingness to work through the detail and analysis were just some of the tell-tale signs of political power designed to prevent “due process” and thus maintain the recurrent appropriation of fox funds.

I agree with Mr Rist, the Federal Police should be asked to investigate.

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