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Rainforest logged and burnt, South Esk catchment. Picture: Rob Blakers

Interesting how de-forestation is mentioned as a negative in so many of the articles below. It’s definitely the bad guy, and for several extremely good reasons it would seem.

We could use truckloads of these for Tasmania . . . (although doubt Davids B & L would agree)


It’s probably fair to say we have similarly beneficial (but endangered) fungi in our dwindling old growth forests. If so it’s another very good reason to stop logging them to extinction . . . .

Return of the Fungi


A serious request for more research, or simply more time to prepare the spin . . . ?



You do have to wonder just how strict these ‘strict environmental guidelines’ are don’t you?



Dust to dust . . . so we definitely need to stop cutting down the forests . . .


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