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  1. Russell

    January 28, 2010 at 10:14 am

    Don’t worry d.d., you weren’t alone. Howard HAD to go though.

    I wasn’t one of those who shouted you down re: KRudd.

    I was worried by his ‘diplomatic’ credentials from the start when he announced the waves of feel-good do-nothing (apply for acceptance and get yourself there at your own expense, and don’t forget the cut lunch) ‘public forums’ stacked with as many overseas-based celebrities as possible (to match his celebrity-riddled turncoat Government).

    Nothing came from these except window dressing and the signing of a few autographs.

    KRudd’s been on a meeting to schedule the next meeting to discuss the next meeting binge around the world ever since. Copenhagen was KRudd’s finest moment as a worthless do-nothing, bag-of-wind, corporately-representative, narcissistic diplomat, which seems to have caused him to go into hiding since.

    I hate to say it (as a former life-long Labor, and later Democrats, supporter), but I really wish Howard had stepped aside for Peter Costello.

    Over two years on and none of KRudd’s pre-election promises have even seen a whiff of actually doing something (eg: hospitals, education, environment, Murray/Darling, the ever-continuing plight of indigenous Australians) and he’s handed out money in the BILLIONS, the likes we have NEVER seen before and which has crippled our economy with decades of debt repayment to come. Money which has gone to propping up greedy, polluting, planet-killing corporations and the self-serving, self-interested, hand-out addicted, middle-class welfare state that Australia has now become.

    And I’m not the only one to observe this, as the tag “KRudd” seems to have stuck in the public forum nation-wide.

  2. Russell

    January 27, 2010 at 3:08 pm

    WHY don’t they just put the bloody money wasted on this “name, blame and shame game” towards more teachers, smaller classes and better school infrastructure (and I don’t mean frigging car parks, boundary fences and Government Stimulus Spending signs)?

    Talk about piss it all up against the wall!

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