How comfortable are you

– with forestry operations 100 metres above the intake of your water supply?

– coming face to face with a loaded log truck as it descends Mount Arthur Rd (singlelane, dirt, steep, blind corners)??

Commencement of operations at 186 Mountain Rd is imminent!!!

Please attend the meeting of the Launceston City Council on Feb. 1 at 1:00pm to give support to the following motion by Alderman Jeremy Ball:

(All concerned residents who are able to should make every effort to attend, as a packed council chamber is a sure way of showing Council the level of community concern.)

Notice of Motion
That in view of the potential negative impacts on Lilydale from proposed clear felling and plantation establishment in the Lilydale water catchment at 186 Mountain Rd
Lilydale, including,

* negative impacts on water quality and quantity,
* heavy vehicle impacts on road safety and infrastructure,
* health impacts of chemical spraying
* and loss of scenic amenity

and in view of the fact that under Launceston’s Planning Scheme the proposed coupe falls within a Water Catchment Protection Area, a Scenic Protection Zone and is in an Area of Regional Significance;
that council opposes the commencement of the forestry operation at 186 Mountain Rd until such time as the following actions are carried out,

1. A comprehensive, independent hydrological assessment by a person qualified in forest hydrology, analysing the short and long term impacts on Lilydale’s water supply, from clear felling and plantation establishment. (The community is willing to fund 50% of the cost of the study with the remainder to be funded by LCC and Ben Lomond Water. If BLW refuse to be involved then LCC to fund the balance)

2. An expert opinion to be sort on the impacts on downstream water quality from forestry operations and specifically an assessment of the coupe for impacts of sheet erosion contributing to water turbidity and siltation.

3. A list of all herbicides and pesticides to be used, and amounts to be used per annum, over the course of forestry operations in the area, as well as the method of application of these chemicals, to assist in determining the health risks to residents downstream from the coupe.
Jeremy Ball