Macquarie House* with its ensuite service buildings is the most important, earliest , largest and most socially significant house complex surviving in Hobart, of National Significance.

The Tasmanian Heritage Council chose to ignore clear and unwavering professional advice from Hobart City Council, The City Heritage Officer, The CEO of the National Trust, Chris Tassel, the leading Heritage Architects in the Country – Clive Lucas, Peter Freeman, Graeme Corney, Robert Vincent, The Head of Interpretation at Port Arthur, Julia Clark and intelligent citizens of the town, such as Tony Coleman from the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

This is the most serious indictment of their own Act that a Government Department and a Heritage Council may commit.

The Heritage Council and its Council Members are therefore incompetent and moreover, professionally bankrupt.

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*The reference is AOT NS1013/1/367. The image was taken c.1885