Further to Peter Freeman’s comments an enormous cover up is taking place at the Heritage Council, who have amended their entry for Macquarie House on the world wide web as of Wednesday the 20th of January for this iconic building.

See attached: http://www/environment.gov.au/macquarie house

They state that no photographs are available and the legal status has been changed, “nomination now ineligible for PPAL”.

There are many photographs of Macquarie House available of which the most impressive can be found in the Archives Office of Tasmania (ref. AOT NS1013/1/367), which shows the house in its 1824 completed form. It was on completion the most extraordinary house built in Tasmania being three stories high and completed only 11 years after first settlement at what was then the furthest flung part of the British Empire, in a colonial convict settlement of under 2000 people.

As can be seen from the previous photograph relating to this subject published on Tas Times it still exists poking up above the surrounding 20th century dross; restoration is not impossible.

A restored building would make a magnificent acquisition to the Built Heritage of Tasmania and could be used as a house museum to display Tasmania’s achievements in the decorative and fine arts, much as Elizabeth Bay House is such a focal point in Sydney.

The Heritage Council and its Councillors are a disgrace to the State of Tasmania. Peopled by Government appointees with no understanding or knowledge of Tasmanian history, and no feeling for our iconic landscape; all this as a result of political interference.

The Heritage Council has the power written into its Constitution to fix this matter but its independence has been compromised by politicians and it is now a gutless non event.

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