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Fox’d, a novel by B.P.Franklin

The State is at war over the Fox Who brought the fox to island Tasmania?

Find out who – meet the remarkable characters who make Tasmania special Join the Sandy Bay social set at a ‘fabulous’ party and gossiping at Hadleys Entertaining and racy comedy fiction that spies its way across the island of Tasmania, from Hobart through Campbell Town to Stanley, down the east coast through Swansea and Wineglass Bay to Port Arthur, and on up to the high country and Lake St Clair – all at danger from the feral fox.

‘Strong writing voice, confidently handled, certainly have a great ear for dialogue’ – Editor, ABC Books

‘Engaging narrative, enjoyed confident writing style’ – Editor, Allen & Unwin

‘Concise effective descriptions, never too wordy, capture scenes and people perfectly, convey flavour of the people and the personalities involved’
– Editor, Tasmanian Publishing House
Green Place Books, 3 Ormsby Grove, Toorak 3142 Australia Phone : (03) 9 826 1503 Mob: 0413 029 662

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  1. Ian Rist

    January 17, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    You are a genius Gerry…should be writing yourself, who knows the next Benny Hill?
    Seriously though, Hadleys has always a been a very reliable place to find foxes.
    Some of the pubs out around Longford, Evandale and Cressy must be “hotspots” as well, the Task Free Fox Force spend a lot of time in them.

  2. Gerry Mander

    January 17, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    Another boatload of asylum seeking foxes was intercepted off Northern Tasmania last night. The are being taken to Maria Island for processing by UNO and WHO before being allowed to land. Their leader states that they are fleeing from persecution at the hands of local farmers and dog packs in Mayneland and are all refugees.

    The Task Force is insisting that they hand over their scats for identification purposes.

    A whinging greenies spokesperson stated that these foxes are just opportunists, as they see Tasmania as a ‘soft touch’ and these foxes are only looking for an easy life, knowing they will never be caught and there is at least five million Dollars a year being spent on their protection and welfare.

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