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Cundall launches Our Common Ground, GetUp ad

GetUp National Director, Simon Sheikh, said that GetUp is proud to lend its support to this campaign, helping to ensure that it reaches every Tasmanian.

“This ad tells the real story of the Gunns Pulp Mill. Time and again the voice of the community has been ignored and their interests dismissed in favour of unchecked corporate power.”

The ad features Dr. Warwick Raverty, former member of the Resource, Planning and Development Commission (RPDC) in Tasmania, which reviewed and seriously criticised the proposed Gunns Pulp Mill for the Tamar Valley.

Tragically, and inexcusably, Gunns and both major parties walked away from the Commission and ignored its well-founded conclusions. Mr Raverty eventually resigned as a result of ‘undue political influence’ in the process.

Simon Sheikh noted the importance of the ad and its message. “Dr. Raverty establishes the direct link between the pernicious influence of money in politics and environmental catastrophe.”

What Our Common Ground says: HERE

What GetUp says: HERE

Cartoon: Lukas. Lukas’ cartoon was first published with Peter Henning’s superb analysis: HERE: Tasmanian eno-liberalism, a new vision for terra vullius

And another:


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Pete Godfrey

    January 26, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    I saw the ad on the website, and have heard Warwick say before that Gunns should not be trusted to run a pulp mill anywhere in Tasmania.
    So has the campaign now turned to NO Pulp Mill in Tasmania run by Gunns ltd or what.
    That is my stance.
    Going on past form I don’t trust a single word that they say, the woodchip industry are just a bunch of whingers trying to milk us for all the subsidies they can get.
    Run them off the island then get on with trying to create a real forest industry here based on high quality low volume.

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