Greens Alderman and Deputy Lord Mayor Helen Burnet will tonight propose significant changes to how traffic is managed in Salamanca Place.

Ald Burnet, a fan of making urban spaces more people-friendly, has proposed that the Council consider for Salamanca Place:

. A shared zone for pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists
. Removing parking from the building side of Salamanca Place
. One-way vehicular traffic flow

The suggested scope of Salamanca Place to be considered would span from Gladstone St to the silos.

“I believe that these alterations not only fit in with the changes mooted by the State Architect for Sullivan’s Cove but also re-define what is important to add to the vitality of an area of our great city.

“Removing cars from the building side would set off the unique streetscape of the Salamanca wharehouses, and provide a much more pleasant prospect for those who are outside dining and enjoying the many activities Salamanca has to offer.

“Whilst there is a relatively wide footpath, Salamanca is a place that attracts 1000’s of locals and visitors each day who walk past and into restaurants, businesses and through laneways and arcades to Battery Point and the Salamanca Quarry. Having more space to stop, shop and enjoy would surely be welcome.

“Parking for deliveries could be accommodated through specific times, as they are in other parts of the city, such as the mall.

“A shared zone would be relatively easy to install in this area. Motorists entering the zone would realise through visual cues that they are sharing the road space, giving priority to pedestrians and cyclists. 30km/hr is often considered a suitable limit for a shared zone, and provides a safer atmosphere for slower moving pedestrians especially.

“Add to that greater predictability of traffic with a one-way flow, and so much of the road could be used as people space.

Local resident Fiona Peate raised concerns with Alderman Burnet last year.

Ms Peate’s main concern was improvements for pedestrian safety and amenity.

Alderman Burnet believes the time is right to make these changes. “With the Council’s Inner City Development Plan almost under way, and the Sullivan’s Cove Master Plan’s release, this is a very good time to consider improvements for Salamanca to not only improve traffic movement, but also how people enjoy their experience there too.

Helen Burnet Greens Alderman & Deputy Lord Mayor Hobart City Council