Red Bob said: “Brenda will remain fixated on chemicals due to a long-running personal campaign against spraying that began after she moved into an existing farming district.”

It’s important to be clear on where I moved to live.

It was to a district that was dominated by native forests and where the family farms used very, very little in the way of chemicals (hand wands for touching weeds along the fenceline with Roundup for instance). Nothing that came anywhere near the whole farm/whole district aerial application of pesticides that replaced this.

Absentee corporate land ownership. That’s what it’s all about. No money or time for genuine land stewardship. No values than to make a buck. It’s just an incredible thing to bear witness to. Now the Forest Enterprise paddock next door is full of thistles and broom has started to grow in the fire access track. The saga of decay and decadence never ends.

A call of the Waratah-Wynyard Council’s ‘planner’ included the words “Get Out! You live in an industrial zone!” The Council weren’t going to challenge the rapacious abuse of these institutionalised thugs.

Red Bob knows very well that all land now outside a ‘forest reserve’ or in town is now designated an ‘industrial zone’. And implied in Reb Bob’s words is the message that if you choose to live in a rural area you must expect to be poisoned, and constantly endangered by our new foreign absentee land barons.

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