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One point worth noting is that almost every assumption behind the Copenhagen summit is flawed or false. Indeed it appears more as though our politicians, who many would argue that we don’t need at all, used the climate issue to advance their own importance by declaring that we couldn’t deal with the problem without politicians (global agreements, trading schemes etc).

They use emergencies to position themselves as essential components of a solution.

We cannot reduce emissions without a global agreement – FALSE. We can reduce emissions by cutting consumption of fossil fuels, converting to solar, wind and geo thermal power, building up public transport and so on.

We need an emissions trading scheme to lower emissions – FALSE. See 1) above

It is these facts that are presenting Barnaby Joyce and others with an opportunity to disrupt Labor’s plans to enmesh Australia in yet another administrative and economic nightmare that has no useful effect on the climate.

To reduce emissions we need to…well…reduce emissions. We don’t need Wong, Rudd or any of the other big-noters to do it.

No amount of black tie dinners, chandeliers or political self-congratulation will reduce emissions.

We need competent engineers, scientists, industries and so on to create practical ways to reduce emissions.

Support them where you can and…

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