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Bob Hawkins

Turnbull and his rabble

My children were taught it would be OK for them to have Liberals as friends — but never to trust them.

The shambles that is the Liberal Party today brings back memories of my children, in the late 1970s, with fingers blocking ears and eyes after being told the politician Malcolm Fraser was on TV. (Now that he has seen the light and spends most of his radio and TV time bollocking the Libs, they would be told it was OK to watch the statesman Malcolm Fraser.)

On reflection, nothing has happened to Liberal “philosophy” in the intervening years to change my attitude: Lib politicians are as dopey, vacuous, principle-less and directionless a mob as they ever were. And if they had any conscience at all they would still be apologising for the war crimes and human rights obscenities of the Howard years.

One good thing to come out of Australian politics in the past couple of months is that no longer do I have to fear the embarrassment for Australia of a Costello and Abbott (even worse, an Abbott and Costello) double act.

Let’s hope the remnant Turnbull supporters in the Senate resist the temptation to push through the wimpy Kevin Rudd’s pathetic “carbon pollution reduction scheme” bill, even worse now that it would be burdened by scores of gutless Lib amendments to appease those who don’t give a damn about humanity’s global vandalism.

Should I ever get my time over again, the kids would get the same advice — and this time it would apply to Labor pollies as well: can’t trust any of the mainstream bastards to do the right thing by our beleaguered planet.

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  1. R Menzies

    November 29, 2009 at 12:33 am

    The real problem are your meat eating pets and your meat eating children, a vegan driving a Hummer has a smaller carbon footprint than a carnivore on a bicycle.

  2. Mike Bolan

    November 28, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    The problem with government is politicians.

    They are not competent to do anything except gain public support (sales), yet they make all the key decisions about our lives, and the manner of our death in many cases. The only way they know to make decisions is to do deals.

    This is why there’s an explosion of bureaucracy (leave it to us Minister) and a growing list of severe problems (juvie violence and alienation, land use distortions, financial uncertainties, collapsing infrastructure and on and on).

    The few principled and competent people who do get elected are soon swamped by the two major parties.

  3. Peter Bright

    November 28, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    Hello Bob,

    As more of us nowadays increasingly realise that we cannot trust “the mainstream bastards” to care for our planet (and therefore us) do you attribute this fact to (a) that they are inherently untrustworthy charlatans, or (b) that they are hopelessly ignorant and therefore quite inadequate for today’s increasingly severe challenges?

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