As Farmers Stand Up For Collective Bargaining Group And Their Livelihoods
The Tasmanian Greens today called on the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) to publicly withdraw its ill-advised advice to dairy farmers that National Foods’ milk price offer is fair, and to instead stand up for the farmers and their collective bargaining group as they overwhelmingly reject National Foods’ offer, as well as its attempts to divide the farmers.

Greens Shadow Primary Industries spokesperson Kim Booth said that National Foods has to pay a milk price that meets the cost of production or face a massive consumer and industry backlash, however the position of the farmers’ Collective Bargaining Group is still being undermined by the TFGA who have not rescinded their position that National Foods were offering a fair milk price.

Mr Booth also said that National Foods claimed in recent Senate inquiry hearings that they still had the full support of the TFGA.

“The TFGA’s advice that National Foods’ is offering a fair milk price is continuing to undermine the farmers’ campaign for a living return, and I am again calling on the head of the TFGA, Chris Oldfield, to publicly rescind their outrageous and damaging statement,” said Mr Booth.

“National Foods have now told the Senate Inquiry into the dairy industry that they still have the full support of the TFGA – what a betrayal for the dairy farmer members whose levies keep the TFGA afloat.”

“The TFGA’s decision to support National Foods instead of their dairy farmer members is undermining the farmers’ Collective Bargaining Group. It is time the TFGA rescinded their statement and stood up on behalf of their members and the farming community in this dispute.”

“Eighty-five of the ninety suppliers have rejected National Foods’ offer on price and are united in their stand for justice.”

“The TFGA are out of step with their dairy farmers and with the public who overwhelmingly reject National Foods’ oppressive behaviour, and the Greens will continue to do everything we can to sheet home the message to National Foods that the only way to solve this dispute is to pay a fair price for milk that allows dairy farmers to make a living,” said Mr Booth.
Kim Booth MP Greens Primary Industries spokesperson