The battle for the position of teachers union State President has taken a nasty turn, with hate mail sent to Australian Education Union TAFE section President Ross Dale.

On Monday Mr Dale received the following letter posted in Hobart and addressed to him at the AEU:


The expletive-laden letter said in part:

“What a slimy little arsehole dinosaur you are. How dare you try to fuck the AEU with your disgusting rubbish about a president who has more concern for the union in her little finger than you have in that whole fat slobby body of your’s”(sic).

The letter comes in the wake of an election pamphlet circulated by Mr Dale citing what he argues are a number of failures of the current management regime at the union (Battlelines drawn in teachers’ war: HERE and Battlelines (2): Why I’m voting for Leanne).

Mr Dale said “You know that you’ve touched a nerve when you get mail like this. It’s nasty and it’s obviously from someone within the AEU, and I’m fairly certain of who it was that sent it. But it’s not going to deter me. It’s a clear sign that some within the AEU know that they have a lot to lose if one of the other candidates ousts Leanne Wright in these elections. They know that if Wright gets the boot, the management of the AEU will have a real shakeout and that is something that in my opinion is long overdue”.

AEU state manager Chris Lane’s reaction to the letter was was in an email sent to Mr Dale:

“Ross, I am aware that yesterday you received a letter sent to you via this office. I wish to make it clear that I in no way condone the content of the letter. In fact I found the language used to be offensive and totally unacceptable. I assure you that I and as far as I am aware all other staff members, do not see such an attack as appropriate under any circumstances.

“At this time I am unaware of who the author was or might be. However, should it transpire that the author becomes known and I am in a position as State Manager to take action, I will do so”.