Resistance and the Socialist Alliance have called on those concerned with the Rudd Governments treatment to come to a speak-out to call for a more and just refugee policy.

The recent events have evoked painful memories for many of the Howard government, where refugees were detained for years by the government. Many thought that this was over when Howard was voted out but unfortunately Rudd is continuing a refugee policy which scapegoats and harms the most vulnerable people in the world, those who have to flee their country due to war. We reject the idea that they are illegal immigrants. Everyone, according to international law has the right to seek asylum and those who seek it should not be assumed be criminals or terrorists, said Tim Dobson, organizer of the event.

The action will call for the following:
* Asylum Seekers in Indonesia must have their claims processed in Australia
* Close Christmas Island Detention Centre
* Withdraw financial and diplomatic support to Sri Lanka until it closes the Concentration Camps
* Australia must increase its refugee intake

The recent arrival of refugees are predominantly Tamils who have been discriminated against by the Sri Lankan government for decades. 300,000 Tamils are being held in what can only be described as concentration camps. Instead of using military solutions or putting people behind barbed wire, the Australian government should instead put maximum pressure on Sri Lanka to close the camps and allow for the Tamil people to resettle and live in peace. In this way, Tamils would no longer have to risk their lives on boats trying to get to safety. What the protest is calling for is the humane and just alternative to what both major parties are doing at the moment, continued Dobson.

Refugees: Let Them Land, Let Them Stay

Friday November 13, 5:15 PM
Duncan Kerr’s office, corner of Collins and Harrington Street