Community organisations are being encouraged to join in Social Inclusion Week, from 23-29th November, a national week of action to focus on community building and connection.
Catryna Bilyk, Labor Senator for Tasmania is supporting Jonathon Welch AM, the founding Musical Director of the Choir of Hard Knocks and 2008 Australian of the Year, in his quest to promote a greater sense of belonging in our communities.
“ Social inclusion is about all of us showing that we not only care about our own personal wellbeing and security , but that as a community we are able to look after those who cannot, for whatever reason, look after themselves.” Senator Bilyk said.
“Social Inclusion Week has been launched by Dr Jonathon Welch AM to focus on what it means to be Australian, to give others a fair go, and to realise that we all benefit when we feel connected, supported and cared for.”
“I’m encouraging all communities in Tasmania to put their communities on the map, sign up to the Social Inclusion Week project and show the rest of Australia what we can do.”
Groups who get involved can join the online community, share ideas, photos, video clips and resources.
To register for Social Inclusion Week go to and tell the rest of Australia that Tasmania is a caring community.
Social Inclusion Week founder Jonathon Welch has established this project in conjunction with the National Street Party project for 2009.
“It’s been a tough year for many people economically, and this is a great chance for families and communities to relax, connect with their street and their neighbourhoods, make new friends and contribute to their communities. It has a very big “Feel good” factor – because we all get a lift when we connect with others.” Jonathon said.
Senator Catryna Bilyk Labor Senator for Tasmania