In light of the impending State election, Tasmanians for a Healthy Democracy, a non-party political organisation, has organised a forum to discuss power sharing government for Tasmania.

Tasmanians for a Healthy Democracy is aiming to reinforce and encourage a culture of respect and constructive dialogue in the political realm. For Tasmania to reach its potential, politicians need to work collaboratively, form tri partisan agreements and bring their intelligence together to reach higher ground. Strategies to achieve and maintain power sharing government will be discussed at the forum.

The forum will be held 6.30 – 8.00pm at the Baha’i Centre for Learning, 1 Tasman Highway, Hobart on Tuesday 24th November 2009.

The aim is to have an open, constructive and objective public forum. Models and strategies for effective governance will be discussed. Speakers will bring examples of international and national models to the forum and identify how power sharing works in other jurisdictions.

The panel includes:

· Professor Richard Herr, who will talk on the history of power sharing governments in Tasmania, benefits and limitations

· Greg Barns, who will talk about international models that work – Scotland/NZ/others

· Margaret Reynolds, who will talk about state and federal politics and tri-partisan agreements; and

· Hon Jim Wilkinson, Chair of the Joint Select Committee on Ethical Conduct, who will discuss the Tasmanian Integrity Commission and its implications for improving Tasmanian governance

The Moderator is Associate Professor Kate Crowley – School of Government, University of Tasmania.

Tasmanians for a Healthy Democracy wants to raise public awareness regarding alternative styles of government suitable for Tasmania. An overview of Tasmanian Integrity Commission will be provided. There will be a moderated session enabling experts to discuss key issues and opportunities with politicians and the public.

People who want to know more about power sharing in government and the pros and cons of the system are encouraged to attend. To reserve a seat email

It is important to create a community-inclusive and progressive government for the long term benefits of its constituents and the state it serves.

Review for event details and email to reserve seat. Entry by gold coin donation.
Marion Nicklason