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Out of the Forests: a New Way Forward for Tasmania

A forum on Tasmania’s economic future was held in Launceston today (Sunday 29 November). Titled “Out of the Forests: a New Way Forward for Tasmania”, it was adressed by Kim Booth, Greens MHA for Bass, Vica Bayley, Tasmanian director of the Wilderness Society, Lucy Landon-Lane, spokeswoman for Pulp the Mill, Frank Strie from Timber Workers for Forests,and Tim Thorne, Tasmanian convener of Now We the People.

The forum resolved to organise an outdoor “Solutions Rally” in Hobart on February 20, in order to promote a sustainable economic future for Tasmania in the lead-up to the State Election.

Issues to be put forward at the rally include the aim to have Forestry Stewardship Council certification for the whole timber industry, a full water budget for the state, the end of woodchipping in native forests, a review of all government subsidies to private forestry companies, carbon accounting, environmental protection legislation to be applied to the forestry industry as it is to all other commercial activities, the adoption of a sustainable transport policy, and transparency in government, especially in regard to the questions of corruption and political donations.

“Our future and that of our children must be one where the opportunity to live in a just, co-operative and sustainable society can be grasped and built on,” said Mr Thorne.
Now We the People (Tasmania)

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Gerry Mander

    November 29, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    You can’t be serious!!!

    There isn’t enough room in Risdon Prison for all these people.

    You can’t undermine the whole system of Tasmanian culture like that and expect to get away with it. These things are endemic. Donations, subsidies, money laundering, corruption, asset stripping, etc. They are the very essence of government and political power. Why else do they employ 350 spin doctors?

    Madness… sheer madness!

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