In 2001 Mawson Place, Constitution Dock, Hobart, won a commendation for landscape design from the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects in the Victorian and Tasmanian State Awards.

The jury said that it was ‘pleased to see significant work being achieved at Constitution Dock after years of indecision. The design resolution is bold. The seats modelled on stacks of wood delivered to the wharf side are an excellent design resolution’.

The intention was to evoke Antarctica, with references to the Hobart port’s maritime and industrial history. Materials and finishes were described as being ‘vandal and maritime resistant’.

Tornado proof can now be added.

Cross beams have now joined uprights in squat solidity.

The latest additions were initiated by the Hobart City Council’s City Services Committee, chaired by Ron Christie. The references to ‘Shade Cloth Areas’ in debate over several years gave no hint of the nature of their supporting structures.

Whatever goes atop all this will never blow away.

So here’s hoping it is a concoction of utter beauty.