Russell (34)

I’ll save Rick the trouble of responding.

I was also at this meeting.

It was simply a personal meeting between two men with a long history of conflict to discuss their differences and try to find some common ground. Both men had advisers. Given the Pulp Mill was an obvious point of contention, my role was simply to advise on any technical aspect of discussion or debunk any “spin”.

No “deal” took place nor was it the spirit of the meeting.

I know of many others in the community who have also had meetings with Gunns, many you would be quite suprised by. Additionally, John Day, the head of TAP, has also recently met with Mr Gay for an extensive discussion and I dont hear any of you ranting about his “secret meeting”.

Maybe because secret isn’t a appropriate word ?

There was no dinner, and the meeting was amicable, though passionate (from both sides) at times. It finished (as Bob said in his media release) with a commitment to hold further discussion. I’m not going to discuss any specifc details on what EXACTLY was discussed (it’s not my right), except to say Bob was, as ever, the perfect statesman for the conservation movement and the people of the Tamar Valley.

The fact meetings and dialogue are taking place betwen Gunns and the conservation movement (including TAP) is a positive in my book. There is no harm in talking. If these talks come to nothing then at least its an option that can be dismissed after being explored.

As a systems consultant Mike Im suprised you don’t see the logic in this process. I wont be making any more posts on this subject , but as I know many of you personaly, I’d be happy to discuss face to face any time.

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