. Joint Venture Partner is a Japanese Pulp and Paper group. Federal and State Labor collude in the deal.

“Highly confidential information was made available to TAP on the evening of November 10th 2009,” stated TAP spokesperson Bob McMahon.

“The information throws up the following serious questions,” continued McMahon.

Is it true that Gunns Ltd has managed to find finance to construct its pulp mill through a joint venture partnership with a Japanese Pulp and Paper Group (unnamed)?

Is it true that in order to achieve this joint venture partnership Gunns has been obliged to give away between half and two thirds equity in Gunns Ltd?

Is it true that the Tasmanian State Labor Government and Federal Labor Government were party to the deal and made it possible by giving guarantees that only governments can give?

Is it true that the Tasmanian Labor Government has provided resource guarantees of land, forests and water as well as guaranteeing compulsory acquisition of land for the pulp mill water pipeline easement?

Is it true that the Federal Government has guaranteed subsidies for capital works and equipment?

If the Federal Government involvement is true then how does this square with the requirement under the EPBC Act for Gunns to complete hydrodynamic modelling and for the research to be assessed by the Federal Government prior to their granting approvals?
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