“Mr Gay said the Bell Bay Pulp Mill would take advantage of Gunns’ growing plantation timber resource.”

(What they really mean is … Gunns will take every conceivable advantage of Tasmania and Tasmanians to grow their woodchip and pulpwood business.)

“Gunns has a long-term aim to transform the company from a native woodchip business to a plantation-based company,” he said.

(What they really mean is … Gunns has had a long-term aim to transform the state from native sawlogs to chip and pulp wood. This has been achieved largely by transferring publicly owned state forest to a pulp wood driven company.)

“In the past 20 years, the company has purchased or secured more than 300,000 hectares of land for plantation development.”

(What they really mean is … For 20 years they have been conning the public, getting the two major parties on side, creating a dodgy scheme to secure good soil and well watered food farms, and ensuring Forestry Tasmania toes the line to secure access to state native forests to woodchip and grow their preferred woodchip come pulp wood.)

“The company’s resource development has been aimed at producing a product that replaces native forest woodchips which have traditionally been exported to Asia”

(What they really mean is … The company’s resource development has been aimed at: 1. clearfelling a traditionally local sawlog building resource into producing untraditional woodchips. and 2. replacing native forests with pulpwood plantations so they can continue to create a new tradition of exporting a resource that does not belong to them so they can import the rewards into their own and shareholders pockets at the expense of local communities.)

“Now the company is endeavouring to build a domestic pulp mill to process this plantation resource.

(What they really mean is … Now the company is endeavouring to use what ever means necessary to bypass any legal or environmental impediment to create a factory to ensure the states forest industry is perpetually woodchip and pulpwood driven and not sawlog, let alone carbon storage driven.)

“This is due to the location and quality of the wood resource, the scale and design of the mill and proximity of the mill to the Asian market.”

(What they really mean is … This is due to the preferred company compliant nature of the average Tasmanian Labor and Liberal politician, the low quality of the their integrity, and the scale of unnatural justice they are willing to design so to place Tasmania as a pawn for an Asian market.)

“Mr Gay said there were a number of opportunities arising to secure management and ownership of other plantation assets and processing operations.”

(What they really mean is … The opportunity has been underhandedly created to squeeze out even more good farms; accompanied with an acquiescent GBE which will continue to: 1. sow plantations in state forest, (albeit some by air rather than in hand planted straight rows), and 2. give preferential treatment to this company over smaller locally owned sawmillers; and with frenzied government subsidized MIS stimulation they will be able to continue to capitalize on securing, possessing and divesting even more of the diverse nature of Tasmania for their greedy single minded operation.)

Has the government given Gunns the power to, what will basically be, partly selling off or transferring the rights to 40% of Tasmania’s state forests and farms to an overseas joint venture partnering company via a pulp mill deal? Can, what was crown land converted to state forest, be automatically handed to a foreign company through a pulp mill deal? Wasn’t the supply agreement for use of state forest and the subsequent plantations just between Gunns and the state? Will a new contract/agreement have to be drawn up when/if a foreign company is involved? Is state land/forests protected from foreign takeover? What if the JVP in the future decides not to be part of the pulp mill but just wants the state forest resources? What deals are being done? If the Labor government has been so slack they had to introduce a ‘clarification’ bill, how are the public assured that any new deals are infact legal?

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