SOME of Tasmania’s most influential people last night vowed to fight massive land tax hikes.

At a heated rally (at Shipwright’s Arms) in Hobart people angrily told stories of their bills growing eight and 10-fold.

Owners of businesses in central Hobart said they were already struggling and another said they faced closure and the loss of dozens of jobs because of the increase, coming alongside huge power and water bills.

Developer Robert Rockefeller urged the crowd of more than 100 to keep objecting and to pester their politicians.

He shook his fist to the applauding audience as he described the “nonsense” of the valuations.

“Keep the heat on them. Stick to your guns,” Mr Rockefeller said.

“Call your local members and tell them what you think. Call them up, they don’t want to hear from you.”

Another interjected: “Ambush them in the streets.”

Mr Rockefeller said that at risk were small business, renters — who faced steep increases — and the “iconic shack”.

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