The Treasurer Michael Aird promised to provide an update on the state of the budget almost a month ago when he said on the 14th of October ” the Expenditure Review Committee met last week to consider reports from agencies on the implementation of budget management strategies. Quarterly information has now been collated, and a status report on the implementation of budget management strategies will be provided in the near future”.

Well Mr Aird, where is the report you promised?

There are many people, not least those who have just received horrendous land tax bils from your government who want to know how the budget is tracking.

Recent land tax bill recipients will be very interested to know how Government revenues look after the windfall gains are taken into account.

Will the budget management strategies that the Government announced have achieved savings in the order of the $10m. per month that are required to achieve the Governments budget targets?

Are these savings the results of redundandcies or have agencies been able to cut other expenses and if so exactly what areas have the savings come from?

How many SES level bureacrats have been let go out of the 25 positions that were targetted by the Government?

Have the levels of savings that were taregetted for boards and committees, mobile phone use, advertising and travel been achieved?

Come on Mr Aird you said you would release an update, where is it and why is it taking so long to release it?
Peter Gutwein MP Shadow Treasurer