Despite officials telling TAC Legal Adviser Michael Mansell that negotiations over Brighton Hub and Bypass would take place on site next Monday, DIER head Norm McIlfatrick sent in bulldozers to destroy Aboriginal sites.

Aaron Everett and other Aborigines are on site and have temporarily stopped the bulldozers. Michael Mansell is leaving Launceston now to join them. More Aborigines are expected on site in support.

Secretary of DPIWE Kim Evans agreed to defer any works pending the discussions with community next Monday. DIER, acting on a permit issued by Minister Michelle O’Byrne to destroy Aboriginal sites, has acted prematurely to destroy the site.

That permit, Michael Mansell said, “was obtained by deceit. Aboriginal people knew nothing of it and the Government took advantage of an organisation going through a difficult period. The permit is tainted by fraud and convenience. We accuse Minister O’Byrne of cultural vandalism and DIER as out-of-control”.

“As of this minute police have arrived to arrest Aboriginal protesters”.
Michael Mansell Legal Director TAC