Aside from Margaret Simons post on her blog ( Here ) , the only post-event discussion of the event seems to have been confined to Tasmanian Times (which tells us something in itself).

While reflecting on the event is important, the obvious question is”‘what next?”

The options are:
* the debate runs on TT for a few days and then is overtaken by other events and issues;
* we all (and I suspect in vain) hope that someone else organises a follow-up event/debate in the not too distant future;
* TT hosts a debate, perhaps with readers first identifying some initial key themes and then TT soliciting one or more conversation-starting contributions on these topics. Starting each week off with a new theme should help keep the conversation fresh. And if all goes well, perhaps another forum may emerge to help explore and synthesise the broad areas of agreement and disagreement.

Suggestions welcome.

Rob Walls picture of Garry Bailey, Fiona Reynolds, John Martinkus, Sue Neales, Andrew Fisher