NSW Hunters have been asked to help Tasmania fight the fox by providing fresh fox poo.
In a recent edition of their on-line Quarterly Journal – HUNT NSW – the NSW Game Council is asking for faeces from ‘fresh-hunted foxes to train tracker dogs’.

Let’s hope the NSW hunters providing the fox-poo realise the hydatid risk they face in handling these scats. And let’s hope none of these NSW fox scats – with or without hydatid – finish up in Tasmania as part of Tassie’s great poo hunt.

Of course if they did, scatologist Barbara Triggs wouldn’t be able to find any Tasmanian pademelon or Tasmanian pademelon hair in them.

As the old saying goes: “One quoll hair in a fox scat doesn’t mean it came out of a Tasmanian fox’s bum.”

PS: It is only fair to state the fox scat ad was placed by the Vertebrate Pest Research unit at Orange NSW. Glen Saunders is head of that unit. Glen Saunders sat on the 2006 independent review into foxes in Tasmania conducted by CRC invasive animals from Canberra.

And, A re-enactment of a re- enactment
With NSW Hunters now being asked to remove fresh faeces from the foxes they shoot so that the scat can be used to ‘train dogs’ for the Tasmanian fox eradication program.

When the Magic-Real Picture company filmed their documentary – Feral Peril – they filmed a re-enactment of an alleged discovery of a fox scat at the Midlands property ‘Kenilworth’.

After the film was launched the producer of the film conceded that this segment of the film was a set up to show a trained scent-dog finding a fox scat.
But that fox scat wasn’t the ‘real deal’, it was an imported fox scat from the mainland.

Even the FEP’s own records of their positive fox-scats recovered in Tasmania did not list this scat ( #5676).

If the producers of this program with the assistance of FEP personnel re-enacted this incident – and failed to tell its viewing audience – what evidence is there to demonstrate that the original ‘Kenilworth’ fox scat linked to an alleged fox sighting on that property was a genuine discovery?

Maybe we have all been duped watching this type of propaganda. Was this a re-enactment of a re-enactment?