It seems congratulations is in order for Vanessa Goodwin and the Liberals. I’d like to pass on an observation about the contenders. For the first time in a long time a worthy collection of “normal people” without 20 years of party affiliations had the gumption to stand for election. I don’t know how a grab-bag of independents could form a government or Parliament but it is refreshing! Read more, Comment here

Richard Herr …

Political scientist Richard Herr said the Labor vote in Pembroke booths was nearly 50 per cent at the 2006 state election.

“A large number of people who voted for Labor views and Labor values in the past were unwilling to do that in Pembroke today and that has got to worry the State Government,” Dr Herr said.

“They can’t spin this away by saying they didn’t field a Labor candidate.”

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