PREMIER Anna Bligh has banned Queensland Labor MPs from attending fundraising events, and outlawed political donations for access to Cabinet ministers. Read more here

But in Tasmania the ALP hawks its dinner invitations for $2000 a time: Barty and Airdy’s din-dins

QUEENSLAND’S independent anti-corruption agency has again raised concerns over government employees being poached by the private sector and called for bureaucrats and public servants to be placed under greater scrutiny. Having already prompted tighter controls on post-government employment for ministers and senior bureaucrats, the Crime and Misconduct Commission now wants government agencies to better manage the risks posed by any of its employees transferring their knowledge and contacts to the private sector. The risks are increasing, given the government workforce is no longer static, and short-term contracts, outsourcing and early retirement programs are more common. “This greater workforce mobility increases the likelihood that issues of undue influence, conflict of interest and information security may arise when employees leave a government agency to pursue related opportunities in the private sector,” the CMC states in a new research paper. Read more here: Anti-corruption watchdog shifts focus to bureaucrats