My thanks to all those who participated in the election, the discussions and facilitated what is a triumph of our political system; a fair and peaceful ballot. Congratulations to Vanessa and her team. I agree with Peter at #4. The people have spoken, thunderously.

My commiserations to the unsuccessful candidates and my sincere hope that they do not abandon the political arena to cynicism. Let’s hope we can all maintain a dispassionate interest in the management of our affairs.

I’ve already thanked my friends and helpers and did so embracing the following prediction. Blogs and webpages or webcasting will play an increasing role in politics.

Having made that prediction I believe the challenge for all of us is to prevent them from becoming facile reflections of popular non interactive mass media. While I believe we should aim for a reading age greater than 12 and content of more than 300 words the results suggest a wiser electoral course may be to follow the lead of the major parties.

My thanks to those of you who took the time to respond to my posts; and more so to those who were supportive of what we were trying to achieve.

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