The Tasmanian Government has promised to table legislation for the establishment of a Tasmanian Integrity Commission in Parliament before Christmas. Great news! The national newspapers are chock-full of warnings that slippery deals between Government Ministers and lobbyist mates are increasingly prevalent and, left unchecked, will undermine confidence in our government, legal system and public sector economy.

Which raises the issue of Bryan Green’s endorsement by the State Labor Party as a candidate for the seat of Braddon at the next State election. The endorsement paints the ALP as two-faced, given the sincerity of their statements in support of the Integrity Commission.

I remain of the opinion that Mr. Green remains unfit to stand for public office. A determination of his guilt or innocence in relation to the Tasmanian Compliance Corporation affair remains in limbo. What conclusion would the proposed Tasmanian Integrity Commission reach on this matter and on the question of his integrity.

If Tasmania is going to clean up its act, far better that we start before the next election. Mr. Green should not stand.