The world of politics surrounding Erich Abetz would appear to involve the possibility of considerable collateral damage and skulduggery thereby making him, as Turnbull has discovered , extremely dangerous to know.
I suggest that those in power or with access to power in the Labor Party have managed to create the perfect STING.

The Labor Party must have become aware that Abetz had a mole in the Treasury who was feeding him Labor Secrets; Secrets the Liberals had found both useful and accurate.

The Mole needed to be set up, so a phone call was placed with the Mole probably by a suitable Labor Staffer linking the Mole, to his current task, the PM ,and for good measure the Treasurer, all with the promise of an email to follow.

I suggest that Abetz when tipped off by the so far reliable Mole was told he would be forwarded the Staffer’s email when it came to hand.

As a result Abetz informed Turnbull at that point for Abetz there was no going back.

The email never arrived on the Mole’s computer.

The only solution for the Mole under great pressure from a worried Abetz was to produce and write his own.

The unsuspecting Turnbull was doomed.

Fact or Fiction?