JAMES CROTTY, MR, Independent Labor for Pembroke
James Crotty the independent Labor Candidate for The Legislative Council seat of Pembroke today called on the State Government to not shirk the urgent task to create a strong investigative body to examine complaints about the police, the office of the DPP, the Judiciary and Parliamentarians.

Mr Crotty’s call follows the release of a Crime and Misconduct Commission report into Queensland Police today that found poor supervision by middle-ranking officers allowed misconduct to flourish.

“This still occurs 20 years after the Fitzgerald Inquiry. We would be naïve to believe that Tasmania, which has never had such scrutiny of its Police force, does not have the same problems”. Mr Crotty said.

“We ensure proper conduct by transparency and accountability. The old ways must go. Tasmanians are demanding honesty in government:.

No one paid by the public purse should be exempt from public scrutiny Mr Crotty said.

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James Crotty
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