The commission taken from each dollar gambled on pokies, in Tasmania is split in the following manner: to the venue 4 cents, to the government 5 cents and to Federal Hotels 8 cents.
The venue also has to supply the room, rent, cleaning etc. Some make very little, most have exploited their communities and taken what they could.

The government earns approximately $80 million per annum, it could earn much more but has decided that it would bear all the social costs of gaming, while earning a minimal profit.

The social costs; embezzlement, imprisonment, bankruptcy, family court, social workers and job loss in local communities can easily be accounted for by the Bartlett Labor Government as worth it?. The State revenue of $80 mill pa, must be worth it. Those smart boffins in Airds Treasury have done their figures and bugger the human cost.

Federal Hotels receive access to all the marketing information of the major hotels in Tasmania and have since 1975 purchased the best for themselves. Their published share is $120 million or $325,000 per day ripped straight out of the disposable income of Main Street, Tasmania.

I am guessing but I would think that the gaming administration could be run from Sandy Bay as well as Moonah or Orange, NSW. I am making a reasonable financial forecast when I say that the profit taken home by Federal Hotels would pay off the State Deficit and buy us a new hospital. Read my words, with no new taxes.

The question is why did we allow this Government to do this to us? Why does the government need a Federal Hotels participating in this exploitation. When the ALP can do it by themselves and reap a greater reward for the State at the same time. But no, they just gave more to the one organization in the State that had produced least.

This is the Bacon legacy.

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